Bring Your Dog To Work To Increase Moral

Taking Your Dog To Work

The fact that you own a dog already signifies that you are a good person. How else can people explain that? You care for it, love it, and protect it. You should get an award for what you do.

Now, you want to take it a step forward and take your dog to work. That’s an incredible idea. And it’s impressive that you are a forward thinker. Why do you want to abandon your dog at home? Other people you leave your dog with may not always take care of it the way you want. So, you are on the right path by wanting to take your dog to work. 

There are benefits attached to this, and you will get to learn that in an instant. But first, what kind of dogs can you take to work?

Types of Dogs To Take To work.

While this is not a closed list, the breeds here are the most common dogs people take to work. 

  • Labrador
  • Poodle
  • Crossbreed Poodle
  • German Shepherd
  • Pug
  • Basset Hound
  • Beagle 

With these dogs, you are good to go. You may even train your dog to run some errands for you at the office.

Why You Should Take Your Dog To Work

Your Dog Reduces Stress: One thing you might not know is that your dog can reduce your stress level. Most times, focusing on work takes a whole lot out of you, and stress sets in. with your dog around you, you feel relief from stress.

Trigger Interactions: When you have your dog moving around in your place of work, there is no way you will not interact with your colleagues. Often, you will get people admiring your dog and striking a conversation with you in the process. Without a doubt, this goes a long way to build a friendship.

Promote Productivity: How well do you hope to promote productivity than having all you care about where you can see it smile? This is a good way to ensure that you don’t worry about your dog’s happening at home.

Besides this, since having your dogs at your place of work lowers your stress level, this will automatically promote your productivity.

Reduces Absenteeism: When you have a place of work that is always busy and the morale is high, people hardly miss their work. They know that the workplace offers them more than just sitting at the desk and typing all day. They can always do some other things. They could take some time off and play with their dogs. 

How Does Your Dog Increase Morale?

Some people are still not clear on how bringing a dog to the place of work increases morale. If you are one of them, hang around; you will get to know that.

Morale at the places of work has to do with many factors like the mood in the workplace. In most cases, the workplace’s mood is always tense due to people’s seriousness and focus. Having your dog in place can reduce this seriousness and get people to take a breather from continuous work. 

This way, people refresh and feel more energized to get back to work. 


Your dog is a necessary part of your life; you don’t have to abandon it at home because of your work. Take it to work to increase your’s and your colleagues’ morale.

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